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About US


● Full line of services :We are a full service residential contractor who can handle all of your home improvement and remodeling needs. We can handle your large projects such as kitchen, bath and basement remodels, as well as handle your small handyman projects. Services include but are not limited to: any home remodeling, deck builds, fencing installations, patios, landscaping, drainage, exterior repairs and painting, interior repairs and painting, plumbing, electrical, lighting, carpentry, and window treatments.

● Best available pricing: We provide ethical and honest price quotes that are generally lower than most of our competitors. We generally do what we can to match or beat any other licensed and insured contractors pricing.

● Quality workmanship and products: Our main company goal is to “provide excellent quality workmanship and products at reasonable pricing”.  We are proud to stand by our motto of “We do it right for less than they do it wrong.” Most of our owner’s background experience is in the field of quality control.

● A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

● Basic design services: Although we do not consider ourselves “designers” we will do what we can to aide you with your project design. At times we do provide simple 2D and 3D views   of your proposed project.

● Low initial deposit : We generally ask for less of an initial deposit than most contractors.

● Small installment payments: Our installment payments are geared to “work performed”.  The only way we get paid is by getting work completed on your project.  Many contractors receive large amounts up front and then, poof, “disappear”.

● Owner involvement: The owner of our company is highly involved in all projects.  He is at each project frequently to supervise and, often “pitch in” by performing some of the work.  “Quality Control” is one of the owners main, on site, responsibilities.

● Legal in all ways: We, unlike many other residential contractors operating today, have all the appropriate state, federal and local business licenses and insurance.

● No Customer Complaints: We have been in business for over six years without having any registered complaints.

● No high pressure sales techniques: We do not believe in “high pressure” sales techniques. We believe in providing customers with a reasonable price and letting them contact us when they are ready to move forward with their project.

Budget estimate: We will provide you with a budget estimate via email.  If you believe that you may be moving forward with the project, we will then provide you with a detailed written estimate.  The detailed estimate lists out in detail the scope of work, who will be paying for materials, and clearly indicates exactly when installment payments are due. Payments are based on work performed.   We do not request a lot of money in advance like many contractors.

● Financing: We will provide you with an Internet portal that will allow you to look for the latest financing options for your project.

● In Home appointment : We will set up an appointment with you so we can go over all of your requirements and then provide you with a free estimate. Many smaller projects we can provide an estimate from the information and pictures that you email to us.

● Pre-contract meeting: Once you decide to hire  us to handle one of your larger remodeling projects, we will set up a PRE-CONTRACT meeting with you.  In this meeting we will work with you to insure that we both understand the scope of work, who is responsible for the materials that will be purchased, determine the start date, and determine the logistics of the arrival and departure times of the workers.

● Samples provided: We will do what we can to provide you with samples and color selectors for all the items you will need for your home remodeling projects.  We actually have sample fronts of over a dozen cabinetry styles to help you with your cabinet selection.

● Open communication: When we are involved in a project, we regularly communicate with our clients by email, text and phone. We encourage our clients to contact our owner on his cell phone directly anytime, 24-7 .

●Obtaining Permits: Many remodeling projects do not require a building permit. When they are required, we will provide you with all of the necessary applications, aide you with the filling out of the applications, and will pick up the permits at the county office building for you. Because permit fees vary greatly from county to county and change frequently, we do not include the permit fees in our estimates or contracts.  If permits are required, permit fees will be invoiced separately. We do not mark up permit fees.

● Referrals: Upon request we will provide any potential clients a list of previous customers who have agreed to be contacted for a reference. In addition our website Testimonial page lists real comments from our previous customers.

● Referral payment program: Most of our business comes from satisfied customers referring us to friends and family. In situations where someone refers a potential client that contracts with us, we will pay a “finders fee” to the referring party.  Some of our clients have made hundreds of dollars in referral payments!

● Returning customer discounts: We provide additional discounts to returning customers.  We also generally lower the initial project deposits. In cases where we have developed an ongoing relationship, we will consider waiving the initial project deposit all together.

● Price to meet your budget: Quality is important but we understand that your budget is important also.  We will work with you to do what we can to provide you with our normal great quality workmanship at pricing that you can afford.

●Written contract: We have been told we have one of the most comprehensive written contracts in the industry. We have also been told that it seems to favor the customer more than us. Our contracts are filled with precise details regarding the scope of work that will be performed with payments being tied directly to the completion of those items.

● Extra work performed: In most of our projects we provide customers with extra work that was not in the original contract. This is definitely not typical in the industry.  Some of our clients have received thousands of dollars of extra work at no additional charge.

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